This week I did an interview for my partner Tyler’s blog! Go check it out! (Trigger warnings are at the start of the post)

Tyler Charles Austen

Its Friday, and its that time of the week to bring in the section called “Fuck you. Its your turn” Friday. This week, our guest is the wonderful Kai Moore, not only a great person to be around, but also has been my lover for 2 and a half years. He has been a mental health campaigner, and now does volunteering for both the trans alliance and FTMB.
This week a whole heap of stuff happened, and a lot gets discussed so I would like to put a warning on here. There are discussions of transition , surgery, hormones, Nick Clegg (sorry) , Brighton Pride,and brief mentions of self harm. If you feel like you do not want to read it, please skip.

So, before we start, tell us about your blog? Why are you here?
My blog is a bit of everything really. It is things that are on…

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