Two Fluffballs

Animals are fantastic. I mean, they provide someone to cuddle when there is no humans you want to go near – or even when there are. They only judge you every now and then, and they are just adorable!

Today I want to write a post following up from my Ten Things of Thankful a few weeks ago. I want to discuss why I am so thankful for these two boys we have in our flat. Bebo and Teto. Bless their souls.

Sat down to write this blog post and Teto decided to take my lap. Cheers baby!

I don’t know where I would be without these fluffballs.They are fantastic little people, they have such personalities it is hard to believe they aren’t really children. They are like brothers (though they aren’t related) and they are little pesks at times. I thought it’d be nice to speak about a few memorable times with them in this post.

A photo Tyler got of them, where they look like they are mid argument. It is so rare to get a photo of both of them together!

Wall climbers…
Yes you read that right. I wish I could get a photo of it, but the pair of them do it all of the time. Especially Teto (the fluffiest one) when he is rushing, as he forgets to slow down on the corner, instead deciding to ride the wall. There is one patch of wall in the hallway that they use all the time and it is just hilarious – especially when you see how high they go.

Of course, half of the time it is because they are chasing each other around or have just surprised each other, so freak out. But it doesn’t stop it being amusing every time.

Startled Teto giving the 'I didn't do anything wrong' look

Sink sitting and bathside walking
Teto has a habit of sitting in the sink and shouting at us. He will demand for the tap to be turned on so he can drink from the fresh water. Bless him, I mean, I don’t blame him, it is a lot nicer than drinking water from a bowl all day that your hair has fallen into, but still. He gets his face all wet and it is adorable. Only downside now is that his hair has started to clog up the bathroom sink!

Now Bebe does the latter most often (however Teto does join on occasion). When we are in the bath, he stands up on his back legs and looks at us both, saying hello. Then he progresses to jump up onto the side of the bath, and essentially tightrope walks the side of the bathtub, while we stroke his fur. So adorable. A little quirky, but hey that’s the boys.

Human, what are you doing? Bebe staring up at Tyler who was sitting on the table at the time

Bebe kisses and lap cuddles
Okay both of these things are super cute that he does. He will come straight up to you, the minute that you go in the room or let him in and stretch out to see you. You go close to him and say ‘Kisses! Bebe kisses!’ and he will put his head up and kiss your lips and everything. He is just adorable. Then recently he has become so cuddly too. All I have to do is sit on the bed with a cover over me (or just be wearing thicker trousers) and he leaps up and cuddles up on my lap. Unfortunately when you are stroking him, the claws start to come out because he loves it so much, and when you stop, the claws come out because he wants more… but he is so damn cute you just let it go.

Cuddles I got yesterday from Bebe!

Teto cuddles!
Okay this guy is super cute too. I wish I could get a photo with him properly, but it is difficult. He loves to be picked up and cuddled (unlike Bebe who you can not pick up unless you want your jugular slashed) and the only time he complains is if someone else (including Bebe) sees him. Other than that he purrs so much. He just loves it, even being held like a baby (I seem to be able to do that with a lot of animals…) he just adores it. And now more recently again he has started to cuddle up to us in bed. He is just so damn adorable!

Both boys adorably cuddled up to Tyler earlier today!

Just everything about them!
I said before that I didn’t know where I’d be without them and I meant it. These two are fantastic, and they are so great at giving cuddles when you are down, checking up on you when you are unwell (even when you are throwing up, Bebe has been known to go up on his back legs and check you are okay), and just all around being amazing. I love them both so much and I am so glad they are here!


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