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Ten Things of Thankful – Working Week


Sorry I haven’t posted at all this week. I started my new job and it has utterly wiped me out! I have been going to bed at 10 at night, getting up at 6 and going to work until 3, not getting back until 5/6, grabbing food and then sleeping again! I have barely had chance to breathe. It has been full on too, busy with so much training, I think honestly it could have been done in two weeks without slowing us down too much! But no complaints here.

New uniform? Okay then!

1. My first thing of thankful is pretty similar to last week. I have had some amazing people around me lately, Tyler has stuck by my side even though I have been a bit all over the place the last week and given me hugs. He has also dealt with my early sleeping pattern! Being an insomniac who (when he is able to sleep) does so late at night/early in the morning, I know it can’t have been easy for him. I haven’t really been around much after all. I love this guy so much.

2. Vince gets his own thankful this week, he was great to hang out with yesterday. A great guy, he picked me up from Uckfield from work, driving from Southampton to do so and hung out with me until our FTMB meeting and after that we hung out at the beach last night and had a great time!

3. My new job. I had the most amazing week. Despite the early mornings and early nights, I had a great time. The people are fantastic and I learnt so much as well as had a great laugh. I really can’t wait to get out on the job as soon as my DBS comes through.

4. Minions, minions, everywhere! I have been lucky this week and had lots of minion related stuff! My sticker book, a poster book, and minion orders! Such fun!

5. The orders themselves. We aren’t doing great for money at the moment so getting this is fantastic. We have had orders from friends, friends of friends and even colleagues this week and we have done then majority of it already! It has been great fun!

Vince's son with the Harry Potter minion we made this week!

Vince's daughter with the Harry Potter minion we made this week!

6. My commute has been actually quite good. I mean, it sucks having to get up so early, but getting the bus at 7 was worth it. It gave me lots of time to chill out, read and think.

7. Reading! I have read one and a half books this week and it has been fantastic. I miss doing that all of the time and hopefully it is the start of something I can do again. I have been reading Pratchett at the moment which I have wanted to for some time now. I finished his and Neil Gaiman’s ‘Good Omens’ on Wednesday. So freaking great! Now I am reading ‘I Shall Wear Midnight’ at Vince’s recommendation and loving it!

Cowley had to be one of my favourite characters in Good Omens!

8. Lie ins! I swear these are such a beautiful thing they should be illegal. I had very little sleep in the week, so yesterday it was amazing to be able to pass out before midnight and not get up again until 2pm! I had 14 hours sleep and regret nothing.

9. Green tea. Now I know I had this a few weeks ago but this week I have needed it to function. Every day except Friday I woke up, had a drink of green tea, went on the commute, made another when I got to work and then through the day I made more. It kept me up. Plus it tasted so gooooood.

I need to try more flavours!

10. Facebook is my number 10 this week. While it isn’t always that great – hell sometimes it is just plain awful – it has to be said that Facebook is a useful tool. Without it I would not easily be able to communicate with a lot of my friends, particularly those abroad, and for that I am forever thankful.

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12 thoughts on “Ten Things of Thankful – Working Week”

  1. How nice that you enjoyed your first week on the job!
    I know a lot of people knock Facebook, but I think it’s a wonderful tool for keeping in touch with people, especially ones who live far away.


  2. totally relate to the work/non-work time management challenge… reading is a necessity (of course) but falling asleep at 9:30 has the benefit of making books I buy last much longer, and therefore become better books*… what I used to read in a week takes, of late, 6 months
    lol ayieee

    * well, …er sure, pretty obvious, non?


  3. I commute via public transport as well, and agree, I do most of my reading in the bus these days, as with three little ones at home, there’s not too much time for hiding with a book. I hope you continue enjoying your job. This is definitely an important thankful!

    Have a great week, Kai!


  4. I know what you mean about Facebook! There are times it makes me so angry to see the thoughtless or whiney things people post, but I love seeing pictures of family far away.


  5. You definitely have to try the orange and lotus flower tea in the picture – it’s delicious!

    Was good to see you on Friday, buddy. Well done on getting through the week!


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