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The ten things of thankful this week

I know it is Sunday now, but I thought this would be an ideal time to do my TToT this week! I have had a pretty good time actually, and have both big and small things to report on. So thank you for everyone who made it such an amazing week!

Here are the top ten things I am thankful for this week!

Be thankful!

  1. Two awesome guys who’ve been by my side recently

    My wonderful partner of almost two and a half years now has put up with so much from me since we have been together I don’t know how he still manages it. I am thankful for him because he has helped me more than he probably realises over the years.

    More recently there has been another amazing guy who has been there for me too and I am looking forward to hanging out with him a lot more in the near future.

  2. One of the best friends a guy could ask for

    Gemma is one of my best friends. No matter what I say or do she is by my side. I met her through quidditch and at first we didn’t really know each other that well, but after a social with the team and a few more interactions we became close. She even was so sweet and wrote a soppy tumblr post about me this week which was so lovely. I don’t know what I would do without her, or the rest of the Weenie house people to be honest (you know who you are, you fantastic people, and I am including extended Weenie people like my amazing new flat mate and the Oxford weenies). I am so thankful for all of them, but especially Gemma who is always a message away and has helped me more than I can count.

    My new flatmate Isla, myself and Gemma
  3. The beach

    In the last week I have gone from not going to the beach much at all to going twice within a few days! I sunbathed on the beach on Tuesday and on Thursday I went for a dip with Tyler some of our friends and had a great time! I definitely want to do it again and hopefully it wont be quite as windy so I can properly go for a swim.

  4. Animals

    Ahhh animals! I love animals. So so much. I especially love animals that give you lots of fuss and attention and lately I seem to have some kind of thing about me that has meant animals are all over me. At the beach a friend brought along two tiny doggies and one in particular gave me soooo much fuss it was adorable. She kept sheltering under me when the wind blew and everything.

    Puppy cuddles on the beach!

    Then we went back to our friends home and their cat poppy was so adorable (and much bigger than I remember!) and I got lots of cuddles and play time.

    Finally when we got home our two cats gave lots of cuddles too and it was just adorable. I love animals.

  5. FTM Brighton

    I love this group. FTMB is a group Tyler and I joined two years ago now and since then it has been fantastic. I have had so much support from there and as a result both Tyler and myself have found ourselves getting involved with the running of it, Tyler even being on the commitee now. It is fantastic.

    This week we had a committee meeting and it was great to sit there and work stuff out for the next few months. It is just fantastic to be involved with and have such great friends through it!

  6. Free pizza

    I had to include this. Between the beach and the FTMB meeting our good friend Charlie was a star and cooked Tyler and I pizza! We will never turn our noses up at that, especially when right now we are so broke. So thank you Charlie!

  7. Upgraded chips

    Again a simple thing, but we managed to scrape enough change together to get some chips this week and I asked for one large and one small chips. It’s what we could afford. The lady messed up the order (and realised so) and instead of giving us a small and a large, we got two large chips! She shrugged it off and said don’t worry about it.

    Thank you kind lady at Wolfies! (Local fish & chip shop)

  8. My mum and brother for agreeing to sort my bike

    Now I have my new job I realised I will be doing lot’s of traveling between clients. I am all for this but I struggle at times with walking. So instead I am going to better my travel (and quicken it) and get my bike on the road!

    My brother said as part of my 21st birthday present I am getting my bike fixed and my mum has spoken to him, and this week I was told I could get it back before my first shift which is fab! Thank you mum and Jonathan!

  9. The baguette store in Hove

    Last time Tyler and I went in here it was really awkward. We were misgendered and it was laughed about and it was just really uncomfortable.

    This time however, we thought we would give them another chance. Their food was nice it was just the service that wasn’t.

    This time, it was great! We had a really nice time, the food was fantastic and so were the staff. It wasn’t very busy, it never really is, but it was lovely. Definitely wouldn’t mind going back there again!

  10. My uni hall for still forwarding my important letters

    It is a small thing but since they said they’d only forward them for a few weeks, it is great that I am still receiving the odd letter through. Most recently was an angry one from the gender clinic threatening to take me off their books (because THEY didn’t call me back and tell me when my appointment was). But if I hadn’t had them forwarded on, I would not have known. Thank you kind office workers!



9 thoughts on “The ten things of thankful this week”

  1. I can’t imagine living in a place where you can ride a bike anywhere and pop into places easily for chips and baguettes and then GO TO THE BEACH. What a nice week!


  2. So can you bring your dog to the beach any time? Here you usually are limited to evening in summer and after september until May you can bring them on the beach during the day. Sounds like a good week … have another good one!


  3. Damn! Thanks to my epic sleep of hungoverness I didn’t get Frist this week. Awesome 2nd TToT and I will buy you a large chips anytime πŸ™‚


  4. Pizza, pup cuddles and beach… whats not to like πŸ™‚

    My daughter breaks up from school next week for the Summer hols… I’m looking forward to lots of Beach time myself, and to our dog is no longer a pup, there will be sandy dog cuddles for me too πŸ™‚


  5. Lucking into free food is certainly something to be thankful for, especially when it’s homemade pizza and yummy chips.
    Glad you are getting to enjoy the beach these days. I hear England is getting all sorts of nice weather. Marvelous for you.


  6. I always think it would be so nice to live in a place where it was possible to bike everywhere! Here in Canada, it’s not impossible in some places but for most of us it has to be a leisure activity instead of a means of transportation.


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