Ten Things of Thankful

My first ten things of thankful

My very good friend Vince told me all about this today and the moment he did I knew I had to have a go. The premise is simple, each weekend you write ten things you are thankful for, add the button to the bottom of the post and submit the link to the collection.

Now I love looking back on things I am thankful for and figured it was worth giving this a go. So without further ado, read on for my list!

1. The special people in my life
Be that my friends and family, all of the people I hold dear. I wouldn’t be the person I am today without them, and I am forever greatful.

2. My new job!
That’s right folks, I finally did it! I got myself a job this week and got the contract through yesterday and everything! So happy. I start training on the 13th July! So I am thankful to JayJ for telling me about the opening and thank you to my new bosses for taking me on board!

3. The sun
While it may have been so hot that even Satan couldn’t handle it and it may be due to get worse, it has meant I could do something I have been waiting a long time for… I went outside shirtless! Walking through town with the sun on me felt amazing, albeit sweltering. Last summer I almost collapsed multiple times from binding in the heat and I sympathise greatly with everyone who has to go through that now. For everyone who is, please take care of yourselves, stay hydrated and try to wear your binder as little as possible when possible.

My first time out in the sun walking around shirtless post-op!

4. My laptop
Bit of an odd one but without this I would struggle. I do so much on it and of late that has mostly been gaming for stress relief. This week I used it for starting to design a new logo for the Trans Alliance Brighton (I will put a full post up when our fb page is live) which is an umbrella group for all Trans* groups in Brighton & Hove. I am setting up the page and being able to use my graphics program GIMP (yes that is its name) again is great!

5. B&H queer community
Talking about the Trans Alliance brings me nicely onto this one.

One thing I love about living in Brighton & Hove is the Queer community. Sure it can be bitchy a lot some of the time, but when you find the right group(s) for you, things really click. I have made some fantastic friends and learnt so much, I have received job opportunities and made contacts that will always be useful.

6. The UK quidditch community
I have said it before but it is so important to me. The quidditch community has done so much for me while at university I can never forget it. The thing about the sport is that the only requirements to being accepted is wanting to take part (or supporting those who do) and having an open accepting mind. I love that. I have made so many friends. I am not the fittest, or fastest, and I dont know the rulebook off by heart, but I am accepted and that feels amazing. I am so thankful for my quidditch family.

7. The cats
I love these guys. They make me so happy, and even as I sit here writing this they are both curled up on the bed by myself and Tyler, being their usual cute selves. Whenever I have taken a break from university or just come home after a stressful day, they are here to welcome me back. Even when I start with the cold shoulder, eventually they are giving big cuddles and demanding lots of attention. Bless them. Animals are great, especially for mental health and I couldn’t ask for better step-kids in these cats!

Teto, the youngest. He is 7 this year and so freaking loud most of the time. He shouts at all hours and loves to be combed, even brushing himself when he can!
Bebo, the eldest. 8 this year, he normally doesn't like people until he gets to know them. But when he does he is so cute! In his older age he has become such a lap cat it is adorable. Bebe is normally a lot quieter than Teto too.

8. Green tea
Okay, I am british, are you really surprised by this one? Sure, I love my traditional English Breakfast Tea, and a good old Yorkshire brew, but something about Green tea just makes me smile. It tastes so damn good! I am thankful that it exists and my friends had the good idea to encourage me to try it in my first year of university.

Plus it’s paleo, so when I do eventually go the whole hog, I am set drinks wise!

9. My apptitude for knowledge
I am normally very british about it. I don’t do bigging myself up. But honestly I am thankful for the way I can soak up knowledge! I love to learn, and because of that I may not know everything about everything, but I certainly know a little about a lot of things. I am pleased I have that ability and recently it has started to mean I am getting money for practicing things that I enjoy and I am so happy with that!

10. This blog
I know, corny right? But it is true. If I am thankful of any one thing it is that I have finally managed to carry on with a blog for more than two posts!

I have tried so many times to do it but I always fail at thinking of fresh content, until I decided actually, I would just run with it. See what I could do and just hope for the best… and here I am! This blog has given me a chance to really express how I am feeling and get feedback on it too.

So that’s it for this post. I have enjoyed writing it, and I think I will have to do so again soon. I love looking back at things and realising what I am thankful for, now this just gives me an excuse to do so!



33 thoughts on “My first ten things of thankful”

  1. Welcome to the TToT! It’s a great way to help keep thoughts positive each week.
    We seem to be collecting cats these days. They just keep showing up.
    Congrats on the new job!


  2. Yeah, I’m with Ivy…Vince clearly has a bit of a jump on the frist thing.
    Anyway, welcome to the TToT. May you find it just as wonderful as so many of us already have. Congratulations on the job!
    And hey, cats! We have three here – many paws waving hello!


  3. Welcome to the Ten Things of Thankful and congratulations on your new blog!
    Hey, I had my boobies cut off, too! Different reason, and I got new ones, but hey, we still have something in common πŸ™‚
    I have three cats, too. My youngest, not quite 2, makes frequent blog appearances, as she is pretty quirky. Working on a post now about her stealing potpourri out of what I discovered was a family heirloom and not something you should let a cat play around with.


  4. Welcome to the TToT!
    I will say that this is surely the best of all bloghops… sample the er…. variety writing styles (and skills) in any of the Posts each week and you’ll surely agree that while the central theme is quite elevated, what with expressing and sharing the positive things in life, this is anything but a convent. (not that there’s anything wrong with a convent and I’ll take this opportunity to reach out to any of our covent/monestary-based Readers to join us… I mean it would be worth just to see a TToT written in illuminated script or whatever the computers in St Anita of the Rapture Covent do for fonts)…

    …I’m sorry, was I typing out loud again?
    zoe/ivy is correct and is the Keeper of the Moods for the Seven Guard Virgins (speaking of monasteries)… if you want to know who dance to (of the 7) zoe is the person to ask.
    In all seriousness, this is a remarkable community that Lizzi and her co-hostinae have created and nurtured…


  5. I adore my pets and can’t imagine life without them.

    When my mother had to have back surgery she was warned to not get any sun on her back for the first year – something about it increasing scar tissue?


    1. I am the same. I hate when I am at uni with no pets!

      Yeah I am not really advised to go out in the sun but my only option for the day else I was wearing a long sleeved black shirt for the day. Not fun in 32 degrees Celsius!


  6. you know, VINCE…. It is starting to seem as if you have a bit of an “in” on the frist category… first Lizzi and now Kai? HMMMMMM…. should I be suspicious? Anyhow… KAI! WELCOME! So glad you decided to join in… now all you have to do is meet the seven guard virgins and do a little dance to gain access to the Book Of Secret Rules/ Secret Book of Rules ( BOSR/SBOR) and its all official! WOOHOO! Lovely list by the way! Trans or not I dont know a person who wouldnt welcome the opportunity of shirtless without comments on a 100 degree day… congrats on your first… takes guts I bet after so many years of social training! Okay, the only thing I must say is GREEN Tea… really? its kinda like warm colorful water… sorry… give me a nice dark brew any day…. welcome again ! Hope you return often!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Haha, I dont know what you mean! πŸ˜› Thank you for the welcome! I am really looking forward to taking part more often. I am not sure how good my dancing is, but I could maybe make all of the guards a minion model and then hide and hope they are liked? That’s more my forte.

      I know, it was so hot out there it was just the perfect excuse. It sure did feel amazing. I felt the rain on it briefly when at a friends and it is almost stupid how amazing it feels.

      Bbbbut green tea! Haha, I can’t help it, it just tastes so goooooood. But don’t get me wrong, a nice proper tea and milk is still amazing. Green tea just works out cheaper at uni as no need to buy milk!

      Liked by 1 person

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