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Getting fit and working out

I want to get fit.

This is something I have wanted for quite some time now, even before coming out. I used to be fit and healthy, I had a trampoline, I cycled everywhere and I played netball. I was active and healthy. Until I had an accident when I was 12. At that point I messed up my knee, I was replaced on the netball team and my trampoline was traded for a nintendo wii. I was unable to do much at all, on and off crutches for 18 months I ended up cycling to school one legged because I couldn’t cope with being off for that long! It was horrible, I went from fit to fat so quickly and my injury stopped me for ages, both physically and mentally, from getting back up to health.

Image of a young child on a trampoline having fun. I love this as it shows just what I used to be like!
Image of a young child on a trampoline having fun. I love this as it shows just what I used to be like!

It was only when I went to university that I tried again. I decided that despite my weak joints, my bad knees and my binder that compressed my chest so much it affected my breathing, I wanted to play sports, I wanted to exercise. I am one of those strange people who loves to exercise. Give me a bike and I will cycle until I can’t cycle anymore. Give me a gym and I’ll be in there till closing. I went swimming on Friday for the first time in nearly two years. I was in there until we were told we had to leave because they were shut. I loved it and can’t wait to go again. Exercise is fantastic, I love it so much.

But injuries are bad. They are bad physically – the time it takes to recover hinders progress and can even reverse it – and they are also bad mentally – getting back into exercise and getting the motivation after so long out of it can be very difficult. That’s what happened to me but now I have reached a point of saying enough is enough.

I am not happy with my body. I am more overweight than I want to be, I want a slimmer stomach and I don’t want to be needing to shop around for trousers that could actually fit me. I am sick and tired of having to just go to Asda or stores that cater to (and charge for) bigger sizes. I want to be able to go into primark like every other student and buy some jeans of different kinds. I don’t need to be the smallest all together, I mean I’d love to have six pack abs, but right now I just need to slim down a bit.

Balian Buschbau, a transgender man turned sex icon (for me at least!)
Balian Buschbau, a transgender man turned sex icon (for me at least!)

I look to inspiration such as Balian Buschbau (pictured above). A transgender man who looks bloody amazing! I would love to have a body like his! As long as I am still strong and able to withstand a bit of force it would be great. He has the perfect torso I would love, not too skinny, but certainly can’t be called fat. His chest is perfectly settled just a little more prominent than his stomach and looks fantastic. I want results like those. I want the ability to walk around shirtless and be happy about my body. I don’t want to feel awkward walking around anymore.

But how am I going to do that?
My first plan is changing my diet. This will be slowly done, as I do not want to mess up my body. Plus I don’t have the money available to just throw out the ‘bad’ stuff I have right now. I also want to start exercising more and generally being more active.

For changing this, right now I am looking into adopting the paleo method. I feel, from looking at the information on it it makes the most sense to me. It basically means eating like a caveman, so no grains and heavy on the meat and veg. Trying to eat as much grass fed meat and eggs etc. Some people don’t eat dairy as part of it as well and the community seems a bit split on it, but personally I don’t have a lot of dairy as is, so I think I should be okay to just have it now and then as I do not have too much of an intolerance (the main reason it is frowned upon is due to the nature of common intolerances built up to dairy over time).


My main method of exercise at present is walking and quidditch. I want to improve on this as mentioned above. My plan is to focus on bodyweight exercises and weights. This is something that fits well with the paleo diet, as it is about being as natural as possible. The issue with using the gym and home machines is the fact that they get you to move in ways that are not natural. Using sites such as nerd fitness, and Neila Rey workouts I want to be as natural as I can and challenge my body at things it has to do every day such as lifting and stretching.

I also want to go swimming more! I am loving swimming so much and due to my weak joints I think it is a fantastic low impact sport for them. I can’t jog easily as my ankles and knees are not in a good enough state, but I want to still work out and I think this will be great for me! At just over £2.50 or so per session, per week, if I am working as well that should be easy enough!

I also think this method will be great for my wallet, it is a lot cheaper to buy a bench and some weight equipment, and pay for swimming as and when I can, than it is to buy a full home gym or even gym membership!

Now don’t get me wrong, I know this isn’t for everyone, and I wouldn’t expect anyone else to follow me (unless they wanted to!) but I am really excited to start and will certainly update my progress on here as I can!


3 thoughts on “Getting fit and working out”

  1. All the best with it! I’m doing Weight Watchers (a bit sporadically at the mo, admittedly!) and one of these days I am actually going to stop thinking about joining the gym that is, like, 10 minutes’ walk from my flat and actually just do it. Because once I *get* to the gym I love it. It’s just *going* to the gym that I hate.


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