Trans Sporty People Wanted!

I wouldn’t normally reblog something on here but FTMB is a fantastic group who are currently looking for trans identified people to submit clips of themselves and it’d be great to see some variety!

It’s unfortunately a short deadline so go out and get some clips done!

Transgender Day of Visibility is coming up fast and FTMB wants to do something that both brings visibility to trans people and inspires trans people themselves.

So in the next 48 hours we want to put together a very short film, inspired by the “this girl can” campaign, to promote trans people doing sport. And we need your help!

trans can sport logo

Any sport can be included! If you think of it as a sport or game, then it is.

If you want to be in a film that promotes and encourage trans people taking part in sport:

– film yourself or get a friend to film you doing your sport.
– download the release form below and email it back to us.
– send it to us using a free large file transfer system.
– send it to us by the evening of march 30th.

The release forms includes some tips on…

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