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Handed everything in

Finally the time for a fresh start. It is really refreshing now to be able to say that I have handed in my suspension forms. It has been a long time coming and honestly I almost wish I had done it sooner (although I am proud of myself for trying to keep going, it wasn’t going to work this year). I emailed over my suspension request form and filled in the accommodation suspension form this evening, and now I just have to wait for the decision (which I have already been advised wont be an issue, it was just the formality).

Dark grey background, text in multiple colours, reads: Don't be afraid of change it is leading you to a new beginning.
Dark grey background, text in multiple colours, reads: Don’t be afraid of change it is leading you to a new beginning.

Next steps?

Firstly, I have to pack! I have a lot of crap so I need to start going through it tomorrow, sorting the junk from the treasures, the selling/charity shop stuff from the dump stuff. I am not going to take back loads and loads of rubbish like last year. Last June I threw away many black bins worth of stuff before leaving and still managed to get rid of more when I got home! I wasn’t stringent enough and this year I want to change that. I have to pack up all of my important bits and know what I want to bring back/what I need at home. Then leave the rest.

Then comes the task of finding a job. This will probably take me a little longer, as I suspect I will need to do as much as possible in person rather than all online applications. Or at least look around in person first then fill in applications online and in person. I just need something that will give me a good wage. Ideally it would be great to have something that fit my career aspirations, but I doubt I will be able to for such a short period of time. Six months is not long in the eye of many employers and doesn’t really allow someone to get fully stuck in as, by the time they know everything, they are needing to leave again. Still, I will try and see what I can get. It’s the best I can do after all.

As part of the above, I do need to sort out my CV again, it is a little rusty (and by that I mean I haven’t updated it in the last two months) and I have some feedback which should allow me to add to it nicely. It is just a case of getting on there and getting stuck in, which, considering the fact I have been working for the last four nights, has been a little difficult to organise. I need to make sure all of the new up to date information is on it, including my Heineken perfect pint pourer training!

Honestly I am now looking forward to stuff which is nice. I am nervous as hell, because it means that I am kind of put in the situation of uncertainty, but knowing that I don’t have to go in to lectures is nice, as that has been making my anxiety awful. Plus I get to spend time in Brighton, closer to with my friends and family in the area. Even if I am leaving behind my best friends in Reading. It will all be worth it!


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