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Plans when I have suspended (until September 2015 anyway…)

I am suspending from university. This means that I am leaving during the Easter break with the view to return in September, missing out the summer term. I have been advised this is best for both my physical and mental wellbeing and puts me in a better position to pass my degree with a better grade at the end. I am terrified of this in many ways, it means packing up all of my stuff, making sure I pay off my debts, finding full time work, practicing BSL away from the classroom and away from BSL users, and many other things.

However it is also for some of these very reasons that I am looking forward to it. I get to have a fresh start. I will be working with a different group of people, I can do some more work around my chosen career path both voluntary and potentially paid, I can look at doing my BSL exams before coming back, I can see friends and generally get my head straight. I am looking forward to this.

Brown background with white border and white text reading: "Every moment is a chance to start over"
Brown background with white border and white text reading: “Every moment is a chance to start over”

As part of my plans I want to write a to do list of sorts. It isn’t a steadfast rule, and I don’t have to do absolutely everything on here. Just what I feel able to. I have also added reasons to some of them so I know why I am doing it. Some parts of it will be really minor, like wanting to watch a certain show or the like. It’s just something for me to look back on really when I am unsure what to do.

  • Get a job that pays a good wage and good hours [this will help me feel more confident with money and pay back what I owe as well as being able to pay to live] 
    • Relate said job to my career plans or to give myself experience in a certain career path I may look at [this way I can keep learning skills I need to succeed rather than skills that may not be needed later down the line – although anything can be valuable]
  • Volunteer with LGBT+ groups in and around Brighton [I can then stay active in the community and gain more friends and network with more people for work later down the line]
  • Try to get involved with a d/Deaf group nearby [keep up with my signing (where applicable) and keep involved in d/Deaf communities to constantly learn more]
  • Read more books [it will help toward my reading challenge plus I love to read and it is great when I am bored or want to escape for some reason or another]
  • Eat healthier, i.e. not as many sushi trips, or ramsbottoms (chip shop), no trips to rubies for space raiders or hula hoops or whatever else. Buy stuff at the market and stick with it. [It will be cheaper overall, work out better for me and plus I might lose a bit of weight!]
  • Go swimming
  • Sit on the beach on a warm day and watch the sky with Tyler
  • Build a fort
  • Cook a meal or two if possible [try and learn some recipes. Easy, cheap ones that will be hard to mess up]
  • Go to Hove museum
  • Get a massage, perhaps from the Sauna
  • Rearrange the flat, sort out places for my stuff so it isn’t in bags and boxes anymore (where possible)
  • Sort out my PC for computer gaming
  • Try and cut back on negative attitudes
  • Try and budget. Make a note of everything I spend and try to cut back (again)
  • Go GeoCaching [it looks like great fun!]
  • Get internet at the flat
  • Watch GoT and OitNB

That’s all I can think of right now, but I will update this as I see fit.


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