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Change of Plans

Sorry it has been so long since my last post, a lot has happened since then and I wished to update properly once I was in a better place. I decided through much deliberation that for now a focus is not my spiritual path, this is taking much of a back burner, rather simply post what and when I wish at the time. This is of course with the plan to do so regularly.

Tonight I shall offer an update of sorts. What has happened since my last note on this site. In short, the following, some of which I shall cover in later posts.

★ I had surgery before Christmas that has been causing issues, though has healed much better than before
☆ I received an award for services to mental health from the Deputy Prime Minister, Nick Clegg
★ My grades at university have suffered due to my health and so my current future within university is fragile for this year
☆ My healthy eating plan has been on hiatus due to my health and surgery, instead focusing on simply eating  (something I struggle with when unwell)
★ I have had the opportunity to begin two new projects within the trans* community in Brighton , one with FTM Brighton, an organisation that tailors for those on the transmasculine scale over 18, and the other with Clare Project, an organisation for all trans* people

What does this mean for the blog?

Simply put, I should be posting more. But this doesn’t mean I will be able to. I am doing a lot at the moment and shall update when possible, hopefully with more interesting information than this!

I shall leave this post here however, and move on to another to focus primarily on one thing. Stay tuned for another post tonight!


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