Slimming Down: Future Goals

My first post on here and I am doing the stereotypical thing of writing a list of my goals for this blog! But frankly my dear, I don’t give a damn. So here it is, the things I have planned along with a description after.

★ My weight loss journey
☆ Finding my spiritual path
★ My university journey
☆ Family stuff including wedding related planning
★ Relationship bits
☆ My book reading challenges and reviews
★ Generally as much or as little as I fancy!

So as you can see there is a lot of different stuff that will be on here and even if nobody reads this, it will serve as a document for me.

Today I wanted to discuss two main things. My weight and my religious journey. To read about it, click read more below. I don’t want to clog up the blog!

My Weight Loss Journey
Like many people I have tried to lose weight before. Who hasn’t right? But recently I had major chest surgery and went from wearing a compression shirt all day every day to just a normal top/shirt. That’s all well and good but now my stomach is a lot more rotund than before and my cider belly (don’t drink beer) is fully out there bulging on my tops.

I last went down to 100kgs. I was happy, but it wasn’t low enough. I want to get to 69kgs at least. If not 60kgs. I have my work cut out though as I need to lose nearly half of my weight, as I am now at 109kgs or so (will edit when I know for sure). It is a big ask but I am not aiming to do it in a few weeks, I am going to work on it and make it steady progress. How?

■ I got a bike today for Christmas so will be cycling everywhere when I can
□ I have a yoga mat so will be working on that too
■ I am going to meditate which should help with calming
□ I am a quidditch player so that will help with fitness
■ I am also aiming to join a gym too!

So hopefully this should all help. I am going to work with a friend too, and design a good workout plan.

But that’s just exercise.

□ I am setting myself a healthy eating plan within the restraint of catering food at university
■ I am cutting out all fizzy drinks aside from coke zero
□ I am going to cut back on the crisps and chocolates too
■ My sweets etc will all be put in a draw instead of being on display
□ I will have a bowl of fruit out instead on my desk and when tempted I will snack from that instead

I think to start this will be good at least!

That’s all for today, follow for my next installment on religious paths and my current explorations.



What are your thoughts?

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